In english please

Hands On stands for:


– Working on solutions to specific questions rather that continuing to get lost between insurmountable mountains of problems.
– Focusing on making sure that work meetings are compact and time-limited instead of a never-ending series of grueling discussions.
– Regaining individual self-efficacy instead of dependence on hierarchies and compartmentalized fields of specialization.
– Appreciating diverse perspectives and overcoming supposed incompatibilities.

Or, to put it in a nutshell:
– Cooperative development of needs-based strategies that can be autonomously put into practise and developed further.


Hands On is:

– a small process-experienced team made up of professionally qualified consultants – people from different backgrounds and with different skillsets.

The spectrum of our experience ranges from process development and organisational development to communications training and coaching for teams and individuals working in fields such as education, culture, politics, social services and administration.

Are you interested in working with us?
Then simply take a look and get in touch with the person you feel is closest to the essence of your topic.